Cabinet lights type

- Apr 29, 2016 -

1, Cabinet lights

Cabinet lighting is mainly used for local lighting within the Cabinet. Above the kitchen lights are installed in the kitchen, lights from the top down, and light in the Cabinet will cause insufficient light plates blocking the Cabinet, Cabinet lights can take care of the details of his life, with more for infra-red sensors, lights in the switch cabinet cabinets add a sense of fashion technology.

2, hanging under Cabinet lights

Cabinet lighting lamp used for countertops and sinks at the end of location, main cabinet console as additional local lighting due to insufficient lighting light, some hanging under Cabinet lighting also has a decorative effect. Kitchen can be done by lighting design to create a relaxed atmosphere, soothing.

3, plate lights

This type of lamps mainly with decorative landscaping space, designed properly or can people add a sophisticated lifestyle.

4 drawer cabinet with lighting, lighting

Drawer lighting, Cabinet lighting Cabinet lighting usually came with an infrared sensor switches, sensor automatically lights when the cabinet door or drawer, inside the main cabinet lighting.

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