How quality identification light bar

- Apr 29, 2016-

1, look at the welding point. Regular LED light bar manufacturers of LED lights is SMT SMD technology, solder paste and solder reflow. Therefore, the LED lights on the relatively smooth solder and solder does not, a circular-shaped solder LED electrode extending from the FPC pads.

2, see the FPC quality. FPC deposited copper and rolled copper two, apply copper foil is out, can look out from the pad and the joints of FPC. Rolled copper is closely integrated with FPC, can bend without dropping off of the pad. Copper Clad plate pad will appear if bent too much loss, repair high temperature can cause the pad off.

3, LED lights with the cleanliness of the surface. LED lamp manufactured using SMT process, surface cleanliness is very good, no impurity and dirt. Hand-welding technology, the parody LED lights with the surface no matter how clean, residual traces of stain and cleaning.

4, see packaging. Regular LED lights with antistatic roll tray packaging, 5.1-meter or 10.1-meter volume, packaging outside using ESD moisture bag seal. Shanzhai version of the LED lights are made of recycled coil, no ESD moisture bag, carefully roll out clear the label left the appearance of marks and scratches.

5, see label. Regular LED light bar bag and volume tray will have printed labels not print labels.

6, see the attachment. Regular LED lights with box with instructions for use and lighting specifications, also equipped with LED lamp with connector or card holder and knockoff LED lights with box without these attachments, because some manufacturers are still able to save every penny.

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