LED Cabinet light advantages

- Apr 29, 2016-

1, LED Cabinet Festival: 1/10 white LED energy consumption only for incandescent lamps, energy saving lamps 1/4.

2, LED Cabinet lights service life up to 100,000 hours for ordinary home lighting can be described as "once and for all."

3, LED Cabinet lights can work at high speed. Energy-saving lamp if you frequently start or shut off the filament will be blackened very quickly break down.

4, LED Cabinet lights are solid package belongs to the cold light source type. So it's very easy to transport and install, devices which can be installed in any small and closed, not afraid of vibration, basically need not take into account the heat sink.

5, LED technology is changing in progress, its luminous efficiency is amazing breakthrough, the price has been reduced. A white-light LED into the home is rapidly coming of age.

6, LED Cabinet lights green, no mercury harmful substances. LED light bulb assembling parts easily disassemble without the manufacturers recycling can be reclaimed by others.

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