LED lights with different from traditional neon

- Apr 29, 2016-

First, traditional neon large investment and complicated work, high pressure and inert gas with a lot of inconvenience. Flexible neon uses new structures and LED technology, are made of special PVC shell wrapped in a bright LED light bulbs, using unique and specialized design of optical technology not only increases the intensity and uniformity of light, and delivery processes, improves the production efficiency.

Second, high brightness, the light source is imported ultra-high brightness LED series, 80LED/or 100LED/metres of encryption is arranged as a whole light effects and the fundamental guarantee for high brightness.

Third, longevity and durability: based on LED technology, the new structure, makes this lamp in any case, extremely long service life of up to 100,000 hours, glass, neon, its durability goes without question, because there is no need to consider the breaking of glass neon (PVC plastic body)

IV, save energy: flexible body lights with energy-saving 70% and more energy consumption cost. 26.25W/M glass neon, LED flexible neon, minimal power is 2.8W.

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