Led Strip lighting attention

- Apr 29, 2016-

1 the brightness requirements for different occasions and different products for LED brightness requirements are also different. For example LED jewelry counter lamp if placed in a number of large shopping malls, we're going to high brightness is attractive, but is also decorative function also has LED lights and LED colorful lights in different products.

2, antistatic: antistatic antistatic ability LED, long life, but the price is higher. Antistatic usually best above 700V.

3, wavelength and color temperature of LED, consistent colour, this bulk lamp combination is particularly important. Same lamps which do not have much difference.

4, leakage current is LED against electric current when the wizard, we recommend that you use small leakage current of LED products.

5, waterproof, for outdoor and indoor LED lighting requirements are not the same.

6 effects of LED lamps, LED lighting angle is great, is very large with different lamps, LED fluorescent lamps we recommend using 140-170. We are not here to give a detailed explanation of the other.

7 core quality, LED chip decision LED, LED chip brand a lot, there are foreign brands, and China Taiwan. Price difference between different brands is far away.

8, LED chip size also determines the quality and brightness of LED, we choose, they also try to choose a larger chip, but the prices are accordingly high.

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