High Efficiency 80W LED Corn Lamp

- Jan 21, 2017-

Advantages and Features
1. High efficiency: LEDs produce more light per watt than conventional bulbs
The lighting efficiency of the new high power LED light bulbs is more than eight
Times than that of incandescent lights, five times that of MH lights and
Twice as high as compact fluorescent lights.
2. Using LED warehouse light instead of MH, CFL
Will help customers save energy consumption and cut the electricity bills,
mean while add more electrical power needed for others like air-conditioning.
3. Safety: LED warehouse light operate at much lower temperatures and
Generate very little heat. Incandescent, MH and CFL are hot enough
to cause fire, and they frequently do.
Residential,living room,bedroom,den,restaurant,O
Office,exhibition hall,showrooms,commercial lighting,meeting room, hotels,
Classroom,decorative lights,supermarkets,stores,KTV,etc 
Package included:
1 * E39 80W daylight 5000K Corn Lamp Light Bulb" 
Structure and applications
Base on air flow heat dissipation,IP40rate
This lamp should be worked in a exposed environment,indoor use only
Please lightly use dry soft cloth to clear the lamp,avoid using diluter,gasoline,water to clean the lamp
Disable all power to the luminaire ballast or driver if so equlpped must be bypassed or removed before installtion failure to follow these instructions can cause the lamp to fall and will VOID the warranty

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