LED Cabinet Light From The Light Source Material

- Aug 16, 2017-

LED Cabinet Light From the light source material

LED sensor light is a kind of through the module automatically control the light source of a new type of intelligent lighting products. From the light source material, LED as a frequent switch intermittent lighting source, relative to incandescent and all kinds of fluorescent lamps is undoubtedly the most ideal choice, the switch long life, fast response, high luminous efficiency, small size, easy to control The characteristics of the perfect expression. On the other hand more intelligent, no need to manually switch the light bulb automatically. According to the different sensing methods, LED sensor lights can be divided into LED sound and light control sensor, LED microwave sensor lamp, LED image contrast sensor and LED image contrast sensor four categories, including LED infrared sensor light because of its high efficiency, high sensitivity , Long life and other advantages of the public widely recognized.

Sound sensing: by a voice element, the sound is generated by vibration, sound waves in the air, if you encounter the solid will be the vibration spread to the solid. Sound control element is this vibration-sensitive material, when the sound is connected (resistance becomes smaller), no sound when the disconnect (the resistance becomes very large). The sound signal into electrical signals transmitted to the surrounding delay switch circuit module, you can make the sound when the circuit starts to turn on for some time. Microwave induction: any object of its internal molecules are constantly vibrating, different objects of the molecular vibration frequency is different, when the microwave frequency and the frequency of vibration of the same or multiple of the object molecules, the internal molecules will accelerate the vibration amplitude, This is resonance, the effect of resonance is to heat the object, or disintegrate. Active transmission of very weak microwave, if people through this switch, the switch can receive the human body to reflect the microwave and make the circuit start for some time.

Image Contrast Sensing: The image contrast principle is applied to identify the presence of anybody or other foreign objects to enter, thus acting as an induction control output device. The methods used include moving object detection, moving object analysis, moving object classification. In the mobile analysis, the mobile object is used to analyze and record the state of the moving object, and the speed of the background update is changed according to these different movement states. Finally, the mobile object is analyzed by using the background subtraction method. Moving object object geometric characteristics and human body characteristics, the moving object is classified as human or other objects, in order to achieve the relevant control related output device.

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