LED Cabinet Light More Energy Efficient

- Jul 21, 2017-

LED Cabinet Light More energy efficient

LED cabinet lighting design and content of the form is mainly light, LED new light source to promote the design and development of lighting gradually innovation, to a large extent changed the traditional concept of lighting, so that we from the traditional point, line light source can be liberated Free to play and re-establish the language and concept of lighting design, lighting in the visual / perception and shape of the creative performance has a greater flexibility in the room lighting to more energy-efficient, healthy arts and the direction of human development.

(1) energy saving. LED is a cold light source and incandescent, fluorescent compared to its energy-saving efficiency can reach more than 80%. At the same brightness, its power consumption is only ordinary incandescent late fluorescent lamps and%. If you use LED to replace 50% of traditional lighting fixtures, the annual electricity savings in China is equivalent to a total generating capacity of the Three Gorges power station, its energy efficiency is very impressive.

(2) healthy. LED is a green light source. LED light DC drive without strobe; no infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (uV) components, no radiation pollution, high color and has a strong luminous direction; dimming performance, color temperature changes will not produce Visual error; cold light source heat is low, you can safely touch. It can provide a comfortable lighting space, but also very good to meet the needs of human health, is to protect eyesight and environmental health light source.

(3) Artistic. Light color is the basic element of visual aesthetics, is an important means of beautifying the room. The choice of light source directly affects the artistic effect of lighting, LED in light color display lighting art shows the unparalleled advantages. At present, color LED products have covered the entire visible spectral range, and monochrome is good, high color purity, red, green, yellow LED combination of color and gray choice has a greater flexibility.

(4) humanized. LED lighting small size, small quality, can choose different combinations of light color into a soft light of the various modules, installed in any position in the room, so the future of home lighting will not be limited to a single lamp, and will be a single lighting lighting conversion For the overall lighting effect, different light colors and brightness can have different effects on human physiology and psychology, and in many cases it may not need very bright white light or other colors of light more suitable for physical and psychological needs. From 1964 was invented so far, known as the "light of hope" LED lamps have been developed to the era of universal lighting, but in the initial stage of indoor lighting, LED lamps than its inherent shortcomings, mainly in the following few Aspects.

(1) luminous flux to be further improved. LED light efficiency and high-intensity gas discharge lamp (HID is still a large gap compared to the use of LED as the lighting source, must have a higher energy conversion efficiency, which issued more light. At present the world has stepped up to improve LED luminosity aspect of the study.

(2) the difference between light and natural light. Natural light has a very strong yellow spectral components, giving a warm feeling; and white LED issued by the white light with more blue components, in this light lighting, the visual effect is not natural.

(3) heat problem. How to effectively reduce the junction temperature to allow the level of exploration and practice. Temperature control is not good, will affect the light efficiency, speed up the light attenuation, and even affect the color temperature, color stability.

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