LED Panel Light Forming The Production Process

- Aug 04, 2017-

LED Panel Light Forming the production process

What is the material of the LED panel light guide plate?

To the optical level of the acrylic plate as the basic raw material, and then use the LCD screen and laptop backlight module display technology, through the light guide point of the full high transmittance, through the pc point of the distribution of light guide design LED panel light accessories Light guide plate converted into light source are light state design and manufacturing after molding.

1, light guide plate (light guide plate) is the use of optical grade acrylic / PC sheet, and then with a high reflectivity and non-absorbable high-tech materials, in the optical grade acrylic sheet bottom with UV screen printing technology printed on the guide light spot. The use of optical grade acrylic sheet to absorb the light emitted from the light in the optical grade acrylic sheet surface to stay, when the light hit the light guide point, the reflected light will spread to the various angles, and then destroy the reflective conditions from the light guide plate positive injection.

2, through a variety of density, different sizes of light guide point, can make light guide plate even light. The purpose of the reflective sheet is to reflect the light from the bottom surface back to the light guide plate, used to improve the efficiency of light use; the same area of light emission conditions, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption. Single-sided microstructure array light guide plate generally used injection molding production process.

The first installation method is fixed

      First in the ceiling to play a few screw holes, then the LED panel lights slide into the ceiling mounted on the ceiling, fixed three sides. And then slide the panel lights into a fixed slide-type installation box inside the slide, then the fourth side of the screw to the fixed frame like. Easy and time-saving

The second installation method wire hanging type

      Put on the ceiling on the fixed line of the installation, locking the screw (hanging line factory has been installed.) Hanging line vertical down, in the LED panel lights on the back of the hanging components. Easy to install. Consumers must pay attention to ask to understand the suspension of the components is the manufacturer's standard accessories or optional.

The third installation method is embedded

      First install a sheet metal slot on the ceiling, and then fixed a few outwardly protruding brackets on the back of the LED panel lights, and then insert the panel lights so that the bracket engages with the sheet metal slots on the ceiling and can be fixed on the ceiling. But because of the different thickness of the ceiling, so the need to adjust the height between the lamp and the bracket, otherwise it will cause the LED panel lights installed higher or lower than the ceiling surface of the phenomenon.

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