LED Strip Light Abnormal Service Life

- Aug 16, 2017-

LED Strip Light Abnormal service life

LED to low power consumption, extraordinary service life is widely used in signal indication, digital display and other weak areas. However, due to the traditional LED light source opening angle is small, the dot area of high brightness, light scattering has a strong direction, the light source is easy to form light, light uniformity and other factors, bound its application in the field of lighting.

Through the traditional solar lighting structure, intelligent controller, reflector angle update and technical improvements, the best tilt angle design, so that the advantages of flat head and round complement each other, so that it is more uniform light, the overall brightness higher, more cost Low, more conducive to application promotion.

Flat head LED column and torch combination of light source structure, through the rational control of flat head ultra-high brightness white LED installation tilt angle, so that LED combination of light emitted by the illumination uniformity and illumination has been greatly improved. The technology not only can enhance the luminous efficiency, and combined light source energy consumption is only about 4W, issued by the brightness of light up to 20W energy-saving lamps or 40W incandescent brightness, can be more effective use of solar energy. Only 12W solar cell capacity, 12V / 24Ah battery pack will be able to ensure that this LED light source in five rainy days continue to work effectively, and the service life of more than 100,000 hours, more than 10 times for energy-saving lamps.

For the field of street lights developed specifically for the combination of light source - cross and rectangular combination of light source, give full play to the flat head LED light angle of light uniformity and good round spot LED dot area high brightness advantages, so that both learn from each other, play the largest light Effect, to overcome the flat head LED dot area brightness as round LED, and round LED light uniformity as flat head LED shortcomings.

In the controller, the use of solar photovoltaic technology to maximize the collection of electricity, energy in the reserve is completed, the battery to the light source to provide 12V DC power supply, the light source to produce 6500K white light. At the same time, by streamlining the intelligent controller structure, the structure is more simple, the failure rate is lower, in order to further reduce the cost of the technical preparation. Moreover, by detecting the solar cell output and battery power, so as to determine the system working state, to achieve the entire system of automatic control and intelligent management.

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