LED Strip Light Heat Conduction Function

- Jul 21, 2017-

LED Strip Light Heat conduction function

According to the test results, LED white light in the drive current lower case, the smaller the heat emitted, of course, the brightness is also smaller. According to the survey, LED solar lighting circuit planning, LED lights with the quality of the lamp beads must be made of material production, otherwise it is good to see the use of the effect, LED drive current is usually only 5-10mA; lamps used in the number of beads With a large commodity, such as reaching more than 500, or more, the drive current is usually only 10-15mA, and usually the popular LED using lighting drive current, only 15-18mA, few people to the current planning to 20mA or more of. The test results are also marked, in the 14mA drive current, and, plus the lid airtight, inside the air temperature reaches 71 degrees in the environment, low-bad goods, thousands of small light decline zero, 2000 small Shao light failure of 3% , Which shows that this low-decline LED white light in such an environment has reached its maximum limit, and then that is a great harm to it.

    As the aging of the aging board with no cooling function, so the heat generated when the LED operation is basically can not be transmitted to the outside. The test proved this point. Aging board inside the air temperature has reached 101 degrees of high temperature, aging board lid surface temperature is only 53 degrees, a difference of several degrees. LED lights with the verification of the performance of the entire product to the ultimate full range of functions. This shows that the planning of this plastic cover is basically no thermal function. But the usual lighting planning, are taking into account the function of heat conduction. Therefore, the summary, LED lamp beads operating electrical parameters of the planning to be based on the actual situation, if the lamp heat conduction function is excellent, LED white light drive current increase is not important, due to LED lamp beads work occurred Heat can be exported to the outside instant, no harm to the LED, that is, the best care of the LED. On the contrary, if the thermal insulation of the lamp function perfunctory, the best plan to be smaller, let it put some less heat out.

    LED patch lights with no national or industry uniform provisions of the model, the various manufacturers named themselves. Common LED patch with two kinds of LED, one is 3528, one is 5050,5050 patch size on the larger 3528, in general, than the 3528 bright, but in fact the same time 5050 patch or 3528 patch, brightness is not the same, different chip brightness value is not the same, in general, the more bright the chip the more expensive. Even if the two different manufacturers, using the same patch to do out of the light band, the brightness may not be the same, LED is the current device, the greater the current, the higher the brightness, some manufacturers in order to pursue brightness and low cost, will increase Current to improve brightness, life will be much worse, especially white. You should choose some of the regular domestic manufacturers of 5050 patch light, requiring the clerk to provide product specifications, compared to the various manufacturers specifications on the luminous flux value, the general number of large lumens brightness, of course, do not forget to consider the half-decline angle The.

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