LED Strip Light Lamp Structure

- Jul 06, 2017-

LED Strip Light Lamp structure

Engaged in the field of LED lighting has been some years, and recently chatted with a circle of colleagues, he asked a question that I was impressed, the question is this: how long the LED lighting with the past, like those lighting ah no different what.

Circle colleagues may feel that the problem is more joking, and even feel a little bit that ... ... as an insider practitioners for 8 years, this issue makes me impressed, thin to think so, for the following reasons:

1, for lighting, LED lamps like a shade of the world, always live in the traditional lamps of the eldest son of the shadow.

LED bulbs, LED bulbs, LED lights are bound to infinity near the traditional lamps proud, are doing minor changes, although these minor changes to enhance and promote the popularity of LED, LED from the traditional luxury into the ordinary people Home. However, due to the appearance of the traditional lighting structure of the many constraints, these changes for lighting, the maximum can only be said to reduce energy consumption, but there are many other advantages of LED did not play out. If you have been pressing this idea to go, LED lights can only be used in the replacement, ask now 80 after 90 who also buy bulbs and bulbs

Traditional lighting fixtures, lighting and light are separated, and then combined together, so most of the traditional lights are Philips and OSRAM light source, their own lighting combination. LED has many features that are difficult for traditional electric light sources, such as small size, high luminous efficiency, color adjustable, etc., these features are enough to make LED have more room for development, in addition to lighting itself to design a better lighting.

LED lighting has been popular for several years, but LED as the fourth generation of electric light source, until now LED lamps have no unique belong to their own exclusive models. Before the emergence of LED, large-screen TV is difficult to achieve the technology, LED appears, this is not difficult. But in the field of lighting, LED has become a call that is easy to play the world, you give me into a fluorescent tube, you give me into incandescent bulbs and so on.

2, from Edison invented incandescent lamp to the world ban the introduction of the ban, high energy consumption of incandescent and halogen lamp almost completed his historical mission, will soon leave the stage of history. Say a small number of occasions, a lot of occasions do not apply, LED again and again to imitate the meaning of incandescent and halogen What 90 after the incense lamp remember what kind of

3, although the energy-saving lamps light color adjustable, lower energy consumption, structural changes and other aspects of the incandescent lamp, halogen lamp has changed greatly, but not environmentally friendly, energy-saving effect is not ideal is fatal weakness, so doomed energy-saving lamps It is only a transitional product, foreign long ago do not use it, out of the stage of history is sooner or later.

4, metal halide lamp has a lot of common light, to enhance the luminous efficiency, the production process is complex, single form, high cost, so the metal halide lamp is not the best choice for lighting lighting.

5, the ideal lighting source LED debut, but also trembling, why do you say that the beginning of the LED into the quartz lamp cup, into the fluorescent tube, into the incandescent bulb. National policy support, we rush on the project, a very short period of time there was overcapacity, so the price war struck, during which the LED is to imitate the traditional lights, there have been no exclusive models, which is not mistaken Astray

6, LED should not have thought of the trendy architectural style, trendy decorative style, trendy lighting style, trendy consumer groups, I think these needs should have put forward a higher demand, has long been impatient to hope New lighting products.

Finally, I would like to say is that the LED of the sun from the full drive out of incandescent, halogen, energy-saving lamps and their shadow, turned out their own models, better lighting, better life, this is The heart of the people.

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