RGB Floodlight Component

- Aug 04, 2017-

RGB Floodlight component

Rgb floodlights and LED flood light is often confused, rgb floodlights are generally no lens, light angle is relatively large, generally 120 °, rgb floodlight irradiation area is relatively large, but not far from the irradiation distance. LED flood light is generally a lens, the angle of light can be shot through the angle of the lens to determine the size of the LED cast light exposure area is generally not very large, but the distance is relatively far.

One, rgb floodlight product components.

1. Tempered glass + reflector + LED integrated light source (COB) + LED power supply + die-cast aluminum housing = rgb floodlight

1.1, tempered glass.

Process: There are two kinds, one for the physical steel and another for the chemical steel.

Physical steel is the ordinary flat glass or float glass in the specified conditions and the environment, after quenching or air-cooled fire processing made of processing.

Chemical steel is the ordinary flat glass or float glass through the ion exchange method, the glass surface composition changes, so that the glass surface to form a layer of compressive stress processing layer processing.

Good and bad identification: check the flatness, no bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog and other quality defects, the existence of such defects in the glass, in use will be deformed, reducing glass transparency, mechanical strength and Thermal stability of glass.

1.2, floodlight cover

Identification method: no deformation, no spinning pattern, no pinhole, the surface bright, no obvious sand hole surface, plating gloss is better, the thickness of the plating to be uniform.

1.3, LED integrated light source

Good or bad to identify: through the microscope to see whether the chip is required manufacturers (the current large-size chip market is more fire with Kerui, Pu Rui, wafer, etc.), chip size is required chip. Chip chip, wafer, epitaxial film, hair piece, according to rgb floodlight manufacturers to tell you the specifications to confirm good and bad. Glue, stent, phosphor composition also determines the LED product quality, not listed here one by one. 1.4, LED power supply

Good or bad to identify: the first we need to start from the data. Such as: enough to buy a 50W rgb floodlights, and suppliers to your product power of 56W or 46W, are NG. Specific items are measured based on the purchase criteria. LED power efficiency conversion rate and power factor determines the power of the good and bad, the better the value of the higher. Non-isolated power supply insulation protection is very important to listen to a lot of customers talked about buying some low-end brand products rgb floodlight surface has a feeling of electric shock, and even more outrageous and leakage of more than 100 volts.

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