RGB Floodlight Lamp Advantage

- Jul 06, 2017 -

RGB Floodlight Lamp advantage

LED lighting is currently the price is too high, low luminous flux, the current design of the same illumination LED light source price is equivalent to about 4 times the traditional light source (but in the street lamp products, the total cost of the light part is not high, so the installation of the project The proportion of cost increase will not be too high, the application of space is still relatively large), in the civilian unbearable. The current design and manufacturing standards are more chaotic, high damage ratio, affecting the life advantage of LED lights.

LED lighting advantage is:

First, LED as a point light source, if the design is reasonable, to a large extent can directly solve the traditional spherical light source must rely on light emission to solve the secondary take light and light loss problem; Second, LED on the light irradiation surface uniformity Control, theoretically can be done in the target area is completely uniform, which can also avoid the traditional light "light down" phenomenon in the light of waste; third, color temperature optional, so in different occasions, the application is to improve efficiency, Reduce the cost of an important way; Fourth, LED lighting technology is still a lot of room for improvement. Outdoor lights include: road lights. Pole lights. Garden lights. Landscape lights. LED tree lights. Caoping Deng. Wall lights. Wall lights. Buried lights. Spotlights (cast light). Underwater lights. These are collectively referred to as outdoor lights.

1, road lights

The road is the arteries of the city. The main lighting is street lighting, and the street lights are set on the road to provide the necessary visibility to the vehicles and pedestrians at night. Road lights can improve traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, and help improve road capacity and ensure traffic safety.

2, garden lights

Garden lights are mainly used in urban roads, tourist attractions, industrial parks, green belt, landscape lighting, community roads, park courtyard, square lighting and lighting decoration. Garden lights can significantly improve the living environment, thereby improving the quality of life of residents.

3, high pole lights

High pole lights: generally refers to more than 15 meters steel column pole and high-power combination of lighthouse constitute a new type of lighting device. It consists of the lamp, the internal lighting electrical, the body and the base part of the composition, the light source with NG400 high pressure sodium lamp, lighting radius of 60 meters. The rod body is generally cylindrical type body structure, made of steel plate rolling. 4, landscape lights

Landscape art lights are an indispensable part of modern landscape. It not only has a high ornamental, but also stressed that the landscape of art and scenic history and culture, the coordination of the surrounding environment.

5, Chinese lights

Chinese lights: the appearance of generous, generally have a number of light sources, generous decent, high lighting, landscape effect is good, is one of the traditional representative of the series.

6, LED tree lights

LED tree lights look like a tree, color colorful LED tree light LED tree light is a new type of simulation landscape lights, environmental protection, long life, beautiful.

7, lawn light

Lawn light: is used for lawn around the lighting facilities, is also an important landscape facilities. Easy installation, decorative and strong, can be used for parks, garden villas and other lawn around and pedestrian street, parking lot, square and other places.

8, the wall lights

Wall lamp: wall lamp beautiful appearance, simple and beautiful lines. Generally placed in the district, park, or stigma, highly appreciated. It is simple to install, easy maintenance, less power consumption. Light source is generally energy-saving lamps. Material is generally stainless steel, aluminum products, iron products. Light surface electrostatic spraying.

9, wall lamp

Wall lamp is the interior decoration lamps, wall lamp type and style more, generally equipped with milky white glass shade. Bulb power more than 15-40 watts or so, light and elegant harmony, the environment can be decorated with elegant, rich, especially in the new wedding room is particularly suitable.

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